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About us

Mila Fibres S.L. is a Spanish company whose team has more than 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality cotton fabrics for clothing for children, women, and babies. We design and produce cotton, cotton blends and organic cotton. Our designs are up-to-date with the latest market trends. For more information about the current collection, please contact
Definition: Mila Fibres was formed to create and supply today’s market with new, different products. Our team is experienced in manufacturing, design, sales, and marketing, and has global reach.
  • MISSION: To design our own unique fabrics and prints and customised collections to distribute around the world.
  • VISION: To be a unique, exclusive textile company specialised in children’s and women’s fashion design. To be a measure of excellence for high manufacturing standards in the textile sector.
  • VALUES: COMMITMENT has a skilled, highly experienced team that makes it a unique textile company in the market. We base our collections on ideas and transform them into real projects. Our designers collaborate with customers to create custom collections. Our team of professionals works directly with the customer for a perfect combination of customer and market needs.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Our company is fully committed to economic and social sustainability.
  • ENVIRONMENT: We are totally committed to the environment. We take great care to keep our impact to a minimum.
  • ETHICS: Mila is an ethical company. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, and commitment to excellence are among our principles.